Outside Spy is now Live! Featuring over 700 IT Contracts "Outside IR35"

Outside Spy is now live, and already features over 700 IT Contracts advertised as outside IR35, with over 100 currently being added every day!

Designed to allow Contractors to keep contracting using their limited companies, Outside Spy discovers and publishes all the Outside IR35 contracts that are listed on the web. Many contractors and commentators are dismayed by the extension of the IR35 rules into the private sector that are planned for April 2020, but help is at hand! With membership of Outside Spy, contractors can search the database of contracts that are exclusively Outside IR35, as determined by the advertiser. With the ability to set up personalised email alerts, so that contractors never miss an Outside IR35 opportunity that matches their skills and location preferences, Outside Spy is already proving to be a hit with IT Contractors as it offers a practical and positive way of countering HMRC's IR35 extensions to the private sector.